What do we do?


Soweto Business Access and its programmes

SBA has established the Suppliers Circle, comprised by a country-wide network of black entrepreneurs, crosscutting a wide range of industry sectors, including the rural based agricultural, with the view of striving towards achieving the following strategic objectives;

Develop a comprehensive/multi-sectorial database of active Suppliers Circle members, who seek development, market presence, and business growth opportunities.

Identify and address business capacity related challenges, including financial support opportunities, and implement relevant intervention strategies, towards being efficiently supplier-ready;

Develop strategic partnerships with established/mainstream businesses, with the view of connecting them with the innovative and equally competitive products offered by our Suppliers Circle members, and thus creating new market entry channels and brand promotion platforms for black SMME’s.

Implement an annual events management programme in order to enhance product marketing and market access opportunities.

Implement a communication and stakeholder engagement platform, through a combination of strategic platforms, which include;

On-going Suppliers Circle Talks, which provide for information sharing, continuous learning and peer engagement opportunities.

The effective use of a mix of media platforms, including social media platforms, our soon to be introduced broadcast media centre, as well as our partnership with Soweto TV.

SBA Suppliers Circles For SMMEs From Townships & Villages

SBA has a database of over 100 manufactures that come from townships and villages. Below are samples of some of their products that we want SASSA clients to buy.

Benefits of being part of Suppliers Circles

SASSA and SAPO spend R100 billion annually. We want the 17 million beneficiaries to buy our products.

Smart Procurement has agreed to expose township products to leading  procurement departments from both the private and public sector.

GS1 wants list our unique products on shelves of major retailers.

Smollan is ready to deploy youth to our supplier companies, for merchandising in shops & spazas.

Our Telkom insurance partnership means your product will be supplied to the funeral and weddings market.